When it comes to roofing and protecting your outdoor spaces, Easiroll have you covered – quite literally. At Easiroll we offer a unique one piece, translucent roofing system suitable for most residential applications and ideal for covering spa’s, decks, barbecue areas, car ports and the like. Should you need it, we can offer the complete solution including installation. We also have for sale polycarbonate roofing sheets with tints and different profiles of various brands and pricing structures. To complement our service we have ‘made-to-measure’ verandah curtains, which we sell as DIY kits or we can install for you. Rodney Allison is the owner and director of Easiroll Roofing and has over 20 years experience in the industry; he’s proud to be able to offer sound advice for your roofing needs. Rodney can offer you complete roofing solutions to enhance your outdoor living areas. Give him a call now and check Easiroll out for yourself.

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