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Flooring Xtra is New Zealand’s largest flooring retail brand with over 50 stores from the tip of the North to the toe of the South. Wherever you call home, there’s a local Flooring Xtra nearby.

Flooring Xtra has been intentionally established as a co-operative because of the value we all place on local ownership, local pride and local relationships. No-one works harder for locals, than locals. Because it’s our face you see around for the years after the work has been done.

Another positive  is that all profits stay in New Zealand, in our local communities. It helps local economies to stay strong and stable.

When you come in to talk to one of us about your flooring requirements, you can be assured you're talking to people who know their stuff. Our people run their own stores.They've been doing it for years, which means we've got more combined experience than any other flooring retailer in the country. More than likely we'll know you, or of you. Or one of your friends. Or family. Because, every one of our people are locals in your local community.