Matt King is Northland’s electorate MP. He won the seat in the 2017 general election after months of demanding work, repeatedly travelling throughout one of New Zealand’s largest electorates and talking to hundreds of people. His passion is Northland. He was raised there. He is a farmer there. He and wife Sarah raise a family there. Having just turned 50, Matt is at the right time of his life to pick up this new role. His background in business and farming is local to Northland. He has a dry stock farm in Okaihau and owned a retail and service dealership in Waipapa with Sarah for several years. Understanding the challenges in the farming and business sectors gives Matt a very good connection to the people he now represents. Matt has a BSc from Auckland University and completed 14 years in the NZ police ending up as a detective based in the Mid North. On leaving the Police he set up a private investigation company alongside his other business enterprises. Matt was a member of the Okaihau volunteer fire brigade, and is a Northland senior rugby referee. Married to Sarah for 23 years and with three teenagers, Jake, Robbie and Jasmine, Matt is proud to be raising his family in Northland, where his heart is, and that is where he sees his commitment—to capitalising and awakening the huge but as yet untapped potential he believes Northland has. It will come from the unrivalled natural resources, the tourism potential, and industries such as forestry and horticulture. But, most of all, Matt believes, it will come from the people. The people of Northland. Northlanders have a belief in their own destiny. More important, they now have a belief that they have the means and the will to achieve that destiny, developing a lively and progressive economy, enjoying what is in many cases is a unique lifestyle, and addressing the needs and issues of the community at large. To do that, they also now have the support of an electorate MP who is one of them: A Northlander. One of their own.