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    June 28, 2018
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Come and get your Beacons on Site TC 123 WHAT ARE YOUR OPTIONS IN AN EMERGENCY? SPECIAL ACR ResQLink COVER ALL YOUR BASES Now available in 44 outlets Available for sale/hire PLB - 375 Only $449 151 dy ResQLink $50 including P&P30 3 days cludes Free gifts S40-7 days with purchase $30 for every week after Come see us about FeildaysR yourfirst week of hire cash back rebate until the end of y2018 GPS 50th anniversary Gifts Far Safe a nd 0SH are now pushing for everyone who with Purchase work on their own to have one of these in their safety kit. Southland Locator Beacons Ph (03) 226 6341 or (027) 412 2925 406Mhz GPS digital